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Javier Alejandro Papaño (EN)

Javier Alejandro

Javier Alejandro Papaño

Lawyer – Head of Litigation Department

Litigation Department

Office Buenos Aires.
+54 11 5256 8888
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Lawyer – University of Museo Social Argentino (UMSA) – 1998.

Industrial Property Agent.

Member of the Colegio Público de Abogados de la Capital Federal (CPACF) [Bar Association of the City of Buenos Aires].

Member of Asociación Argentina de Agentes de la Propiedad Industrial (AAAPI).

Member of Comissión of Judicial Matters of the AAAPI.




Since his earlier years as a lawyer Javier has been involved in IP litigation giving advice on litigation strategy, as well as taking active participation in all kind of IP conflicts.

He has been a member of the litigation department of an important IP firm in Argentina since 1994, starting as a paralegal, and becoming head of the department by 2007. Between 2009 and 2015 he has been an independent legal practitioner.

He joined Herrero Argentina on November, 2015.

Areas of expertise

Legal advice on judicial matters and IP conflicts.

Promotion and prosecution of court actions, precautionary measures, and appeals, on behalf of the plaintiff and the defendant.

Administrative resources.

Domain name recovery.

Academic experience and courses

Professor of Civil law and Intellectual Property law at Universidad Católica de Santiago del Estero (since 2011).

Professor of Civil law and Intellectual Property law at Universidad del Museo Social Argentino (since 2013).

Posgraduate Studies on Intellectual Property Rights at Universidad de Buenos Aires (2000).

Lecturer in seminars, workshops and expositions held by the AAAPI.

Guest Professor at ”Universidad Católica de Colombia” for an International Seminar on Intellectual Property Rights (2013).

Author of several articles concerning international law, intellectual property law and civil law.